Uploading a ‘Superfeature’ image/video on your homepage.

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Please be aware that not all PropertyPal Websites have this facility. If you are unsure, you can email  submit a form below to query this.

Firstly, login in via ‘estate agent login’ on the bottom right on PropertyPal.

For the SuperFeature to appear as a image/video on the homepage, you must have a super feature image or a video uploaded against the property. This is achieved selecting a property through the ‘Properties’ option at the top of your PropertyPal account.

Select the appropriate property from the list:

Once you select more info then go to ‘Photos’ and upload the required image (this image must be high resolution or the system will not accept it – 1080 x 920 etc.)

You can also do the same with videos by accessing ‘Videos’ and uploading a video.

Once this is done, select ‘Website’ on the top right (highlighted in below image)

On this screen you will have the ability to upload news articles, testimonials etc. To upload a ‘superfeature’ property that will appear on your homepage, select either ‘SuperFeature Props’ (for properties), or ‘SuperFeature Devs’ for developments.

Please note we only recommend having one video at a time on the homepage (either property or development) – you can use a SuperFeature image for the other.

Use the search bar on the selected option to find the property/development you want to use.

Once found you can add this as your SuperFeature by pressing ‘add’.


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Last modified: 07/07/2022