How do I add a Featured Property/Development on my own Website?

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Please be aware that not all PropertyPal Websites have this facility. If you are unsure, you can submit a form below to query this.

These steps are identical for both properties and developments. The only difference is initially selecting either ‘Featured Properties‘ or ‘Featured Developments‘ from the left hand options in the attached image. For the purpose of this tutorial, the below will show ‘Featured Properties‘. 

First, login through your PropertyPal ‘estate agent login‘ (bottom right of PropertyPal homepage) to access your account on the CMS.

Once logged in you will see ‘Website‘ on the top right of the screen. Click into this.

To add a Featured Property to your Home Page, simply type the address, or part of the address into the ‘Add a Featured Property‘ field on the right hand side of the screen. Click Search and the properties that match your search will appear below. Choose your property from the list and click ‘Add‘. 

To remove a property from the Featured Properties list, simply locate the property on this list and click the ‘X‘ in the top right hand corner of the property. 

To change the order that the Featured Properties are seen, simply drag and drop them into the order of your choosing. The system will automatically save these into this order. 

Please note: This will feature properties on your own website and NOT on 


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Last modified: 07/07/2022