What is the difference between a ‘Featured Property’ and a ‘Premier Listing’?

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When you Feature a property, the property is shown at the top of the search results for the areas and time periods chosen. 

By featuring your property you should see a spike in people viewing it online. In turn we would hope that these higher viewing figures will translate into viewers and offers. You can see how the property’s views have improved when the property is featured by scrolling down the page until you see the property listing views graph. The property statistics highlight this (as the background colour on the graph changes to pale orange during the featured time period).

Premier Listings make the property stand out within the listings and you are able to choose which 4 photos are displayed on the search page.  

Premier Listings also provide you with an automatic “Boost” every week for the next 4 weeks – ensuring the property appears at the top of the listings for the time period it is ‘Premiered’ for. 

You can start the process to purchase a Featured or Premium listing here.

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Last modified: 13/07/2022