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What is an EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate, it’s the rating on a property from A-G that measures the properties energy performance. EPC ratings are legally required when properties are being built, sold or rented, each certificate has a lifetime of 10 years. An EPC assessor will perform a short survey to determine an accurate energy rating on the property.

The certificate is displayed as a colour coded scale, properties with a high energy rating are in band A while properties with lower energy will be rated B, C and so on – the lowest rating being G. An EPC rating is a good indication of how cost efficient the properties energy bills will be.

What does this mean when buying, selling or renting a property?

Buying: When buying a property, it’s sensible to consider the EPC rating, as this is a good indication of how cost efficient the properties energy bills will be. However, bear in mind energy efficiency ratings don’t consider how many people live in the property and impact on the energy bills.

Selling or renting: If you’re selling or renting your property, you’ll need to make sure you have a valid EPC certificate.

How can I improve my EPC rating?
Here are a few steps you can take to improve your EPC rating:
– Make refurbishments, install double glazing, a heat pump or solar panels 

– Replace your boiler, with a newer more energy efficient model

– Install a smart meter

– Use LED lightbulbs

What does an EPC rating mean for a Green Mortgage?

There are two different types of green mortgages.

  1. If you live in an A or B rated property, certain mortgage lenders will give you cashback or an improved interest rate. 
  2. If you make upgrades to your house, such as adding solar panels or a heat pump, lenders will usually give a lower interest rate or rebate on any money borrowed to perform home renovations.

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Last modified: 09/08/2022