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How To Sell Your Home – Preparing Your Home

Your home needs to be immediately appealing to potential buyers, both in pictures and in real life. As people who literally get paid to look at pictures of houses all day, we know a thing or two about which features help your home get more attention, enquiries and give the wow-factor at viewings.

For the pictures


A home that’s clean and free of clutter makes it easier for potential buyers to see the place as it is and imagine themselves living there.

Freshen up

If there are small issues with your home which may put off potential buyers, but are easy for you to fix then just fix them! It might be as simple as a fresh lick of paint which can immediately update and brighten your home.


If you’re going to paint some rooms, we’d recommend neutral colours like whites, creams and light greys which not only make the space appear larger in images, but homes with these colour schemes tend to get more views on PropertyPal.

Maintain personality

Whilst it’s important to be clutter-free, you don’t want to strip your home entirely of all personality. Things like artwork, quirky ornaments or striking pieces of furniture can help potential buyers see the place as more of a ‘home’ than a ‘property’, provided these pieces aren’t overwhelming.

Keep your buyer in mind

When you’re preparing your home, you should always keep your ideal buyer in mind. Think about their motivation. If they are a young family, then ensure pictures of childrens rooms and nurseries are included. If you’re aiming to sell to an investor, a blank canvas is often better. 

For viewings

Curb appeal

There are many factors that influence whether someone will buy your home but most viewers will know in their gut as soon as they step through the door. For that reason, the garden, the front door and the hallway need to be in tip top shape and feel homely.

Appeal to the senses

Senses such as smell are connected to memory, so if you light a nice scented candle, set out fresh flowers or maybe bake some bread ahead of a viewing, the smell will linger and create positive connections in the mind of the viewers. Keep it light and don’t overpower to take away from the property itself.

Stay out of the way

It will usually be the estate agent’s job to show viewers around. With their skill and experience, they are best equipped to answer any questions. Of course, you know your home best but they have done this before with hundreds of viewings. If you’re around, viewers might not feel totally at ease. 

No place for pets

If you have a pet at home, it might be best to take them out whilst visitors are viewing your home. Your furbaby will just be a distraction, whether the viewer is a pet lover or someone who isn’t so keen.

Giving it a boost

If your property has been on the market for a while but hasn’t generated a lot of interest, you can give it an online boost.

On PropertyPal, you can visit the ‘Promote your Property Page’ which gives you a number of options for boosting it up the listings. For example, if you choose a ‘featured listing’ you can make your property stand out when people search in certain areas or postcodes. You can also contact PropertyPal on Facebook and request that your property is featured on our page.

As well as promoting it on your own social media pages, make sure you have a thorough chat with your estate agent about additional marketing services they offer.

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Last modified: 10/08/2022