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7 PropertyPal Tools To Help You Find A New Home

So you’ve decided to start looking for a new house. It starts out fun right? You’re casually browsing PropertyPal, imagining yourself in all these different houses. Your sofa would look great in that living room and oh my goodness, wouldn’t that garden be perfect for the 5 imaginary dogs you’ll have in this new life?

Then you start to get more serious about the whole thing. Thinking about the kind of house you need and (unfortunately) the kind of house you can afford. And then comes the stress.

Finding the perfect property can be an intense process. It feels like you need to keep your eyes peeled and make an enquiry as soon as the right home hits the market or else you’ll miss your shot. 

Thankfully, PropertyPal has some useful tools to make the whole thing a little bit easier. Here are some of our faves.

Instant Alerts

If you haven’t signed up to get instant alerts, then you’re not a real PropertyPal user, in my professional opinion. It’s the MVP when house hunting. Simply enter your search into the main search bar (two bedroom terraced house in Lurgan or 16 bedroom mansion in Cultra, you do you), the click the ‘save this search’ button. 

You can choose how often you want to know when houses are added that meet this search criteria. Personally, i’d choose instant so you can be the first to see if the next listing is your dream home.

Area Price Tracker

Do you know the average price of a semi-detached house in the Lough Road area of Lurgan? No? Well I do. And it’s not because I’m a major housing market nerd. It’s because PropertyPal has an area price tracker tool on every property listing that lets you know what the median house price is in 500 ‘micro-areas’ across Northern Ireland.

This is especially handy for giving you a guide on pricing in the location where you want to buy, so you can budget accordingly.

Mortgage Calculator

You’ve found a place that ticks all the boxes but then you need to complete the kinda important task of figuring out if you could afford the monthly mortgage repayments.

On each of our property listings, scroll down and you’ll find a mortgage calculator. You can play about with the deposit amount and the repayment term to see how this affects the monthly payments.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Tool

On a similar note, if you’re thinking of buying a home, you need to use our Mortgage Pre-Approval tool. Within 5 minutes, it will tell you if you’re eligible for a mortgage AND for how much. When you’ve been pre-approved, this will come in very useful when you’re at the stage of putting offers on a property, as it shows sellers you’re serious and ready to buy.


There are tens of thousands of properties on PropertyPal, so if you want to keep track of them, sign up for an account and start using our favouriting tool so you can easily see your favourites. Just click the little heart icon in the top right corner of a property listing and then when you log into your accounts, it will be in the ‘favourites’ section. In your account, you can also add notes to properties and you’ll get ‘property history’ info – such as if the property was listed before and any price changes. 


In your PropertyPal you can also manage your enquiries, so you can see if you’re awaiting a response or if the estate agent has replied to arrange a viewing.

Pals and Sharing

If your favourite pastime is sending your other half links to houses on PropertyPal whilst sitting beside each other on the sofa in silence, there’s a better way to do it. Add them as a Pal in your property account so they can see any homes you’ve favourited and you can both add notes.

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Last modified: 30/11/2023